NFI City Lab

Introduction to the NFI City Lab

The NFI has an innovative laboratory to support the scholars in the creation of their strategies for the pilot cities. It is furnished with large format displays, touch tables and an assortment of digital equipment to equip the scholars with tools for creatively and collaboratively discussing and presenting their work.

Digital Innovation: CITY PULSE App

Explore our cloud-based Digital Innovation space, featuring the CITY PULSE app—an in-house tool measuring the evolution of cities. Rooted in the belief that cities should learn from each other, CITY PULSE provides insights, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making for smarter urban development. This dynamic platform facilitates the sharing of data and strategies between cities, enabling them to adapt and innovate based on shared experiences and best practices. The app integrates advanced analytics and urban metrics, offering a comprehensive view of urban dynamics and trends. By harnessing the power of big data and AI, CITY PULSE empowers city planners, policymakers, and stakeholders to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities for sustainable growth and enhanced quality of life. 

Github Platform

Collaboration Hub: Analog-Digital Fusion Labs

Step into our Collaboration Hub, where traditional model-making converges with statistical modelling techniques for everyday assessments of urban proposals. Witness the blend of tangible craftsmanship and data-driven insights, creating a unique space for innovative urban solutions grounded in both tradition and technology. This space is designed to foster the exchange of ideas and co-creation among professionals from various disciplines, thereby promoting a comprehensive and sustainable approach to urban development. Here, innovation meets history, and new technologies are applied to revitalize and enhance our cities responsibly and harmoniously. 

Stakeholders Confluence: Madrid Immersion Space

Experience the Madrid Immersion Space, our physical hub in Madrid where influential leaders from various industries immerse themselves in hands-on collaboration with scholars. This space serves as a vibrant confluence, fostering dynamic interactions that drive interdisciplinary projects, shaping the future of urban development. The Madrid Immersion Space is designed as an incubator for innovation and creativity, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Here, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics come together to exchange ideas and explore new possibilities in a stimulating environment. This collaborative atmosphere encourages the fusion of different perspectives, leading to groundbreaking solutions and advancements in technology, sustainability, and societal well-being. By promoting a culture of learning and experimentation, the Madrid Immersion Space plays a crucial role in cultivating leaders who are prepared to tackle the complex challenges of the 21st century.