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leaders for the future

Why study at the Norman Foster Institute?

The Norman Foster Institute offers a holistic education programme that encourages experimentation through research and specific projects focused on cities. The NFI provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary educational experience, ensuring its students gain a diverse set of advantages and skills.


Scholars train using advanced tools that are applicable to diverse types of global cities.


Scholars engage with the NFF’s global network of experts, practitioners, civic leaders and alumni.



In 2024, scholars focus and work on three European cities, although the techniques used will have a global application.

Sustainable Cities

Go to Programme

Course Period           January – December

Location                  Madrid, Spain

Cohort Size              30

Course Period
cohort size

January – December
Madrid, Spain

Academic Council

Norman Foster

Kent Larson

Edgar Pieterse

Dava Newman

Alejandro Aravena

Deborah Berke

Shigeru Ban

Vishaan Chakrabarti

Beatriz Corredor

Oscar Fanjul

Elena Foster

Ian Goldin

Francis Kéré

José María Michavila

Our campus

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NFI City Lab

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Cutting-edge Technology

The NFI has an innovative laboratory to support the scholars in the creation of their strategies for the pilot cities. It is furnished with large format displays, touch tables and an assortment of digital equipment to equip the scholars with tools for creatively and collaboratively discussing and presenting their work.

A Consulting Entity for Cities

The NFI City Lab aspires to become a trusted consulting entity for cities and entities around the world. The urban analytics workflows and toolsets, which will continuously grow alongside the work of the Institute, benefit not only the scholars but also the cities, policymakers and urban enthusiasts seeking sustainable solutions.