Application Deadline approaching for the Norman Foster Institute’s Programme On Sustainable Cities

The Norman Foster Institute (NFI) is issuing a final reminder for scholars interested in joining its Programme on Sustainable Cities, starting in Madrid in January 2024.

• Applications will close on Friday, September 1st at 24h00 CEST. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications at the earliest convenience.

• To further foster diversity within its programme, the NFI awards partial and full scholarships to talented applicants in need of financial support, based on merit, distinctive competencies, background and/or academic excellence.

The NFI is offering scholars a remarkable opportunity to actively participate in an innovative, hands-on learning experience that combines academic excellence with real-world urban challenges. Scholars will develop skills in leadership, advocacy, communication, presentation, diagramming, mapping and the understanding and interpretation of data.

With the use of the NFI Lab’s evidence-based tools and the incorporation of sustainable metrics, scholars will develop, test and simulate local action plans that will improve the quality of life in three European cities: Athens, San Marino and Bilbao.

This programme is led by distinguished global experts, including Norman Foster, President of the Norman Foster Foundation, and Kent Larson, Head of the City Science group at MIT’s Media Lab. With a multidisciplinary approach, scholars will receive guidance and mentorship from world-class professors, Pritzker-awarded architects, Nobel Prize laureates, cutting-edge technologists and civic leaders.